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Seller Representation

Selling a home involves signing legally binding contracts which, like any contract, you should read and understand completely before you sign. The Offer, Purchase and Sale Agreement, and Addendums, if any, all obligate the Seller to perform certain duties. Attorney Glover represents Sellers at all stages of the home sale process. He advises Sellers how to comply with the terms of the Purchase and Sale Agreement, and the importance of calendaring the buyer’s contingencies. He also drafts the Deed, clears title issues, attends the closing, and explains to Sellers the meaning of each document they sign. He also assists with any last minute negotiations and issues.

Review Offers to Purchase: The Offer to Purchase, when signed by Buyer and Seller, is a legally binding contract. Attorney Glover meets with Sellers to review Offers to Purchase, discuss the pros and cons of Counteroffers, and to ensure Sellers understand their legal obligations when they Counteroffer or accept an Offer.

Negotiate and Draft Purchase and Sale Agreements: The Purchase and Sale Agreement, like the offer, is a legally binding contract which obligates the Seller to perform certain duties prior to closing. Attorney Glover meets with clients to explain each paragraph of the Purchase and Sale Agreement, and to negotiate terms of the Agreement with Buyers or Buyer’s Counsel.

Clear Title Issues: Attorney Glover clears Seller title issues prior to closing to ensure there are no delays. Such title issues include obtaining discharges for previously paid-off liens and mortgages.

Representation at Closing: Attorney Glover represents Sellers at the closing table, reviewing closing documents including the HUD Settlement Statement, Title Insurance Affidavits, and lender’s indemnifications. Additionally, he represents clients in any last minute negotiations or issues.

Short Sales: A Short-Sale occurs when a lender agrees to discharge a seller’s mortgage for an amount less than the lender is contractually due. Banks often agree to Short Sales when market values have declined. Attorney Glover advises clients of the risks and benefits of Short-Sale transactions. He represents Seller’s in negotiating Short Sales Agreements with lenders, and represents Sellers in all the areas mentioned above.

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